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Holistic Vision Canada is the holistic mental health. 

We are dedicated to promoting the support of mental health patients in Canada. We use essential nutrition, research-based supplementation and high outcome recovery plans. We create holistic teams to facilitate clients referred from physicians and hospitals, and we are dedicated to protecting the rights of holistic patients.

We believe that your new program should be client-centered and affordable. To learn more about what is available to you and to access our resources, please browse our site. 

About Us

Our Mission: 

To offer new holistic and orthomolecular treatment options in hospitals and to out-patients. To provide affordable nutrition education as alternatives for mental health sufferers. To give marginalized individuals an opportunity to see a nutritionist. Also to demonstrate integrated services that support a successful outcome.

We offer a holistic mental health for First Nations and aboriginal peoples in Canada, returning them to the roots of natural healing. 

The Holistic Vision Canada advocate will assist clients to try a new approach to wellness that includes nutrition, exercise, and research-based supplements. A holistic modality includes the healing of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical person and prescribes a treatment based on the cause.

Holistic Vision Canada has been established in affiliation with world-renowned orthomolecular psychiatrist, the late Dr. Abram Hoffer, specifically to provide holistic mental health services in Canada. While Dr. Hoffer was alive, he wrote over 150 journal articles on the connection between mental illness and nutrition. By sponsoring ongoing advocacy for in-hospital care, nutrition and health education for clients to improve their medical outcome, we provide both opportunities for training and research. 

Holistic Vision Canada is dependent on funding for our applied mental health recovery and rehabilitation, educational programs and resource management offered to holistic clients, hospital patients, children, teens, minorities, and the disadvantaged. We accept clients on a case-by case basis.

To join the holistic mental health please join as a patient. For a counselling and nutrition program to work with your mental health, promoting your wellness and well-being contact us! 

You can visit our clinic for client care:

located in the Fraser Valley of B.C.

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