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Analog and digital photographer

emily isaacson

What Is Multimedia

from our early days . . . to our most recent exhibits

An Idea Is Born

Multimedia is art with many mediums, including film, literature, performance, music, sound, drama, visual arts, and design. In modern society the internet is a powerful tool to communicate art images, words, information, and drama.


Emily Isaacson's multimedia creations are New Media.



The Web As  Medium . . . A Blank Canvas

An online tapestry is a series of websites designed by one artist. The web is used as a powerful medium. In multimedia art, more than one medium is used together, and this creates a visual stimulus to inspire viewers and in turn help other artists create more and different art than before. New art inspires artists of all mediums to create something in response, in their art form. This generation of power and ideas is a form of intellectual conversation. People talk back and forth in the art field in various mediums and modes of communication, at time practicing different ideologies, such as Zen, Romanticism, or Transcendentalism. The tapestry is postmodern, rising out of minimalism. The artist notes that it is a maximalist creation, depicting lavish colours, ideas, and an over-stated richness.

Emily: “Could the effect of long-term minimalism be maximalism?”

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