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multimedia and photographic art


Emily Isaacson's New Online Store

"Our designs create art from poetry."

Artist's Bio

Emily Isaacson’s classic photography depicts the countryside and landscapes of the Fraser Valley and rural British Columbia. Her book spanning her portfolio of four years, released as a second edition in 2015, is entitled Voetelle. She can usually be found out in the open field or roadsides of the world doing a photo shoot.  

New! Online Art Store

View and select from hundreds of art patterns and textures in Emily Isaacson's new design store. Varied frames available to match dozens of fine art photographs taken by the author. 

Her poetry is art. . . 

Now Open

Art Gallery Exhibits

Learn more about our present and past art exhibits at select galleries. View Isaacson's virtual exhibits since 2005 online.


Ready to re-start your art today?

An understanding of postmodernism helps us understand Isaacson.

Read more. . . 

In the News

Voetelle is making headlines everywhere they go.

Why Isaacson Took Her Own Picture. . . .

April 3, 2021

Isaacson's reality-show like existence in the Fraser Valley has gained her over 5,000 social media friends, and 2 million visits to her websites.


All her websites are designed by Voetelle.  Read more. . . .


Voetelle Video of the Week

Art Products

The solo exhibit by Isaacson.


Photography Book by Emily Isaacson

Buy here

As a poet, Emily Isaacson has published fourteen poetry books.

LITTOP Isaacson.png

Love in the Time of Plague

by author  Emily Isaacson

Buy here

Visit our You Tube channel for Emily Isaacson's New Media.


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