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A Familiar Shore

Poetry by Emily Isaacson

This 8th book of postmodern poetry was launched on Feb 19 at The Reach Art Gallery Museum in Abbotsford.

Written in 88 sections named for the constellations.

Get your copy here, or buy one for a friend.


I stretch out my hands,

the waterways of the world,

shaded canals of Venice,

river of the Amazon,

the royal Thames, the straight-limbed Nile.

How did I come to be

the speaker of the sea,

the voice of its relentless pull

and heartfelt rhythm.

My initials spelled sea,

I contained it—

Wild and unrestrained,

fettered and monopolized,

used and bettered,

the sea was my portion,

the Queen of Water.

I was as much

a victim of the moon,

as a mother in labor

is subject to her pain.

I knew the rites of nature,

the turning of the earth.

Emily Isaacson, A Familiar Shore


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Author photo credit: Shaylin Thulin    

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